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CHTC USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHTC China. Based in Chino, California, CHTC USA established in 2013 and its main business focus on textile, motor coaches, auto parts and accessories. It also operates a series of service center that provides a complete commercial vehicle repair service.

CHTC Group was formed in September 1998. With 23 direct subsidiaries and over 42,800 employees. These companies span over more than 20 provinces in China and more than 20 countries and regions internationally. CHTC consists of five public listed companies, Jingwei Textile machinery Co, LTD (000666), CHTC KAMA Co., Ltd. (900953), Swan Fiber Co., Ltd. (000687), Shandon Helon Co., Ltd. (000677), and Fong’s Industries Company Limited (HK.00641).

CHTC’s eight increasingly business units are textile machinery, textile trading, new fiber materials, commercial vehicles, asset management, cultural and creative industry, real estate and financial investment. Textile machinery is CHTC’s core business. CHTC is the number one textile machinery business in China and the largest in the world. Many of the brands are internationally famous, such as Jingwei Textile Machinery, CHTC Heavy Industry, AUTEFA, FEHRER, F.O.R, and OCTIR. Traditionally, CHTC’s strong brand influence both in China and abroad make CHTC a dominant player in the textile production and trade business. The new fiber material business is the CHTC’s new and developing endeavor. Through cutting-edge, modern science and technology, CHTC focuses on the development of new functional, environmentally-friendly fibers. Commercial vehicles and heavy machinery are a key unit in CHTC’s business. Products consist of commercial vehicles, engines, construction machinery, general machinery, and more. The business owns a series of famous brands including Kama, Laidong, Heng Tian Truck (Hubei Xinchufeng), Bonluck, CHTC Jove Heavy Industry, Leader Auto, etc. The real estate and culture creativity and finance and investment units are strategic businesses, which provide developmental and profitability assistance and support to the three major units. Even as a support unit, the Zhongrong International Trust is well-known. CHTC has a history of establishing widely-trusted brands.

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